Naga City: Bigg’s Diner and Dice Cafe

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We have just made it back to Manila from our long and fun-filled vacation in Bicol. I’m still so overwhelmed and full and so unready to head back to our reality. But anyway, since Rice N Dine is a food blog, I ought to share with you are amazing food adventures! We were able to dine in some of the restaurants in Naga and Legazpi City. Most of our meals though were shared in John’s home, so yummily cooked by his father and sister. Naga City, by far,  is my favorite place when it comes to food!

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in Naga that we’ll be happy to try out next time, but for this vacation, Bigg’s Diner and Dice Café are my favorites! So let’s take a short pause from recipes, ingredients and instructions, and dwell on first-hand reviews:

Bigg’s Diner


Bigg’s Diner is the biggest food chain in the Bicol region. Strolling around Naga City, it’s almost impossible to not notice this Bicol-American fusion designed with vintage decorations that are hand-picked from antique shops. This is actually the second time that we dined at Bigg’s and we still plan to visit the next time that we’re in Bicol. During the first time, we were looking for a quick eat so we ordered burger, fries and a glass of iced tea. It wasn’t the most superb of meals to be honest. The value for money is okay but I have tasted more delicious burgers in my life. Good thing we’ve given Bigg’s a second chance! After all, it won’t be around for so long if the food isn’t great. This time, we ordered a lunch meal. Mine was Tenderloin Tips (135 PHP) and John’s was Baby Back Ribs (225 PHP). Both was served shortly after we ordered so we didn’t need to wait for too long.

The Tenderloin Tips that I’ve ordered was fulfilling and the gravy was the right kind of savory. It smelled so good and tasted even better! The meat was also perfectly soft and the mixed vegetables was cooked in the right kind of heat. Yes, everything tasted so right!


The Baby Back Ribs that John ordered was also cooked perfectly. My, this is the best baby back ribs that I’ve tasted for 225 PHP! It tasted smokey and flavorful and the serving was also very filling.


Overall, we had a satisfying and affordable lunch at Bigg’s and I would recommend it to everyone who’s travelling to Bicol. I would love to try their Bicol cuisine as well the next time!

DICE Boardgame Café
Facebook Page: Dice Café
29 Magsaysay Avenue (Beside South Hills Bar and Resto)
2:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Combine great drinks, nice ambience and countless games to enjoy and that’s exactly what you get at Dice Boardgame Café. Before deciding to pay a visit, we first googled the best cafes in Naga and this came up as the first. I seriously had expectations and I’m happy to report that they were all met, surpassed even. We went here at around 4 in the afternoon and I was imagining a jump-packed place, noisy and too cramped but we arrived at a cozy place, filled with people having fun. Although there were a lot of people, we didn’t even wait a single minute to be seated. Their place is really great! I ordered Strawberries and Cream frappe while John gulped up his Salted Caramel. We also ordered a stack of fries. Nothing too heavy since we also planned to dine out with John’s family for dinner.

My Strawberries and Cream Frappe was refreshing and nothing too sweet. It also tasted like genuine strawberries and not some artificially flavored alternative. The strawberry slices and cream on top is just right to make this drink creamy and thick.

John’s Salted Caramel frappe was equally great! John is not the most caramel-lover person that I know but he seriously enjoyed his drink as well. Like my drink, it isn’t bombarded with sugar. It was flavorful and thick, and it was generously topped with cream and caramel syrup also.

Both drinks were in my opinion, satisfying for their price (around 150PHP to 170PHP). They also have other frappe flavors and hot beverages as well that I’m eager to try the next time that we’ll drop by this happy place again.


Dice Boardgame Café wouldn’t be named as such if not for the numerous and enjoyable board games that you can try for free while dining here. We were able to play three games: Jenga (which John won), Sequence (which John won again) and Forbidden Islands (which we both won, yey!). It was our first time to play Sequence and the staff in Dice are very willing to teach us the rules of the game. They are patient and passionate. It’s so obvious they love playing these games too! Since there were just the two of us, they were also the ones who recommend the games to try for 2 players.

Overall, I would recommend Dice Boardgame Café to everyone who loves to chill, kids and kids-at-heart! I would recommend it to everyone!


Let us know if you get to pay a visit on these places! Happy eating! 🙂


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