Restaurant Review: Kalye Mabini of Malolos City

Spending twenty (plus) years in Malolos, I am quite surprised about the numerous rising restaurants around our city. Some friends would ask me if I’ve already eaten in restaurant-this or café-that because they’ve heard so much about them and I, being a semi-lazy girl who loves staying at home would not even know about this restaurant and where it is located. One of those rising restaurants would be Kalye Mabini.

The first time that I dined in here, I remember being served with overly fulfilling ribs, rice and mashed potatoes. Their place back then was smaller and warmer as they were just starting out I believe. After two years, I was pleasantly surprised with how the place grew! Not particularly in size, but more on service. Their walls and ceilings are now decorated. There are new ACs installed and their staff are as accommodating and warm as I remember. No wonder people keep on coming back!

I arrived with John, my mother and sister at around 12 noon and the place was full so we were asked to wait on their parking lot. We were served with complimentary house iced tea while waiting. When we were finally accommodated inside, we ordered two platters and a mushroom soup for us four. One of the platters consisted of Lomo Ribs, a plate of cheesy baked mussels, 2 side dishes (French beans for mom and buttered corn for my sister), 2 cups of rice and a liter of iced tea.


I particularly fell in love with the cheesy mussels! They were as described – cheesy! And the serving was so generous as well! The side dishes were perfectly-cooked.


Our other platter, on the other hand has Lomo Ribs, T-Bone Steak, 2 side dishes (mashed potato for John and Garlic marble potatoes for me), 2 cups of rice and a liter of iced tea.


The T-Bone steak was also flavorful but not as tender as we’ve liked for it to be. The ribs were great especially if you consider how affordable they actually were. The ribs were tender  and are smokey-flavorful! You can chew the meat from the bones and enjoy every bit of it!


Lastly, we were given Turon Squares for free! These are cool twist to the usual Filipino Turon. They tasted so creamy and sweet plus they were so filling that they sound so perfect for a meryenda.


Overall, we are recommending Kalye Mabini especially to those who live nearby. For those who don’t, it’s actually worth the drive! Although the place is rather cozy, you get to enjoy good food and an even better service. I heard they do deliveries too! Drop them a visit and you’ll be sure to get filled up with good food!

Kayle Mabini
Address: 214 A. Mabini St, Mojon, Malolos, Luzon 3000, Philippines
Phone Number: +63 932 868 4242


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