Review: Korean Street Food

We have just concluded our South Korean trip this week and we just have so many stories to tell! It’s both our first time to go to South Korea and we were so amazed and amused with the things to see and of course, food to eat! Lucky us, the accommodations that we booked was just a block away from the street of Myeongdong, Seoul’s shopping district. Aside from shopping stalls though, Myeongdong is also filled with unique street food that looks so appetizing that we were not able to resist! Not. At. All.


Dakkochi (Korean Grilled Chicken Skewers)
5,000 KrW per stick

Let’s start with these Korean Grilled Chicken Skewers. The moment that I saw them, I knew that I will not leave Seoul without tasting them. The skewers look so flavorful, especially that they looked so marinated when they were still on the vendor’s stall. Boy, I was so right! The skewers were not only flavorful but they were so tender too! Now I am so excited to make a version of this here in Rice N Dine too. Do any of you have a recipe for this? We would love to try it!


Dakgangjeong (Sweet Crispy Chicken)
5,000 KrW per cup and 3,000 KrW per stick

Can you see the sauce drizzled on those chicken? That got me so fearful about how spicy it is especially that I’ve read how Koreans love their food that way but it wasn’t bad at all. It tastes sweet mostly and just mildly spicy, just the right kick to make you appreciate the taste of the chicken. I love how Dakgangjeong tastes crunchy on the outside but is soft and tender on the inside, and tasty all over! I love to try this again!

Korean Food Crawl.jpg

Ddeokgochi and Tteok (Baked Cheese and Rice Cake)
3,000 KrW per stick

I was so intrigued upon seeing the cheese being fried that we just had to try this! It was labeled as Baked Cheese, who wouldn’t get intrigued? And I am just so happy we tried them. This was my favorite food-find and up to now, I am still quite craving for it. I am not sure what  kind of cheese it’s made of but it’s close to Mozzarella and the condensed milk drizzled on top of it surely is a partner. It was also our first time to try Tteok and it reminded me of the Rice Balls that John usually makes. Worth every Won!

Korean Food Crawl 4.jpg

Gimbap (Sushi Rolls)
7,000 KrW per pack

We were not able to try this one, sadly. I saw that there were many available flavors like Tuna, Pork, Cheese and other seafood but we were just so full that we can’t eat this anymore. Next time, maybe.


Pomegranate Juice
5,000 KrW per pack

To gulp it all down, we each bought Pomegranate Juice. I love that it came with a re-sealable plastic that is useful when you are planning to head out somewhere or ride the subway. The stall also has a displayed juicer, where you can watch the healthy fruits turn into delicious juices.

Korean Food Crawl 3.jpg

Bungeoppang (Fish Ice Cream)
3,000 KrW per cup

Lastly, we couldn’t have left Seoul without taking a bite from this Bungeoppang! Back here in Manila, we were seeing instant Korean ice creams packed inside fish-shaped breads. When we saw them, there were no questions asked whether we are to buy one. We surely were going to! And we surely enjoyed every spoonful of that heavenly thing. The ice cream was vanilla-flavored and it was topped with a honeycomb. It was just so perfect! It was also trapped inside a fish-shaped crunchy bread that makes it not only yummy but filling as well. I didn’t care if the weather that night was a bit chilly. Ice creams are for all season! Good thing we always leave some room for dessert!

Korean Food Crawl 6.jpg

I honestly want to go back to Seoul and just eat my heart out! Have you experienced this also? Do you have other recommended cities or countries that we can enjoy as well? Let us know! 🙂


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