Restaurant Review: Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

What are you up to these days, people? Only two more months and 2016 will be concluded. I swear January 1, 2016 feels so fresh and raw like it just happened yesterday. I was thinking about all this one morning as John and I were having a quiet breakfast somewhere in Quezon City. I have heard this bakery-slash-restaurant a couple of times already but we just couldn’t muster the strength to head and eat outside. Staying at home, I guess, is one of the things that we just love so much. Anyway, Mom & Tina’s Bakery Café is just a few blocks away from our home and I definitely love this new found quiet place.

Mom and Tina (1).jpg

Upon entering, we were immediately greeted with friendly staff, quiet people who are just enjoying their peace of the morning, clean place and so many cupcakes to choose from! The café was cozy but spacious. It was well-lit and well-ventilated. In other words, it was comfy as what’s expected from a café.

Mom and Tina (2).jpg

Now we proceed to probably everyone’s favorite topic – FOOD! Looking at the menu, it is full of variety. There are pasta meals available, sandwiches, breakfasts meals and a number of Filipino food as well. Plenty of meals to choose from when you are craving for something heavy or just looking for something quick. John opted for this US Tapa. One bite and I went ahead and assumed that it was so tasty. John agreed but he felt that it was too crispy, lacking the tenderness of what a tapa should be. The serving size was okay, filling but not too much.

Mom and Tina (3).jpg

Mom and Tina (4).jpg

On the other corner of the table, I ordered Sheperd’s Pie. I tell you, this was my first Sheperd’s Pie ever and I’m surely not stopping here. It was just so perfect! The potato was piped into this intricate pattern and although I will just spoon every bit into my mouth, I loved that the cooks put some effort in making this dish presentable. The meat was unimaginable! It was so delicious that I almost refused John a bite. Ha, greedy wench!

The Sheperd’s Pie was served with bread rolls to complement its heavenly taste. After finishing this, I was just so full and so happy! I definitely recommend this dish to first-timers in Mom and Tina’s.

For the sweet part – desserts! There were a lot of cupcakes and pastries to choose from and we each honestly took about 5 minutes to decided which cupcake/muffin/cookie to try. John chose this lovely Orange cupcake. The frosting was again perfect. It wasn’t bombarded with sugar as other cupcakes who wish to make an impression do. It was just right and the cupcake itself was soft and tender, baked to perfection. However, we wish that the orange citrus flavor will be stronger in the recipe since we weren’t able to distinguish it so much.

Mom and Tina (5).jpg

I opted for this Coconut cupcake instead. Like the orange one, the frosting and cupcake itself were both perfect. The coconut shavings were generous. You can really taste the coconut flavor with each bite!

Mom and Tina (6).jpg

Mom and Tina’s also have goods that you can take out – cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, filled marshmallows, muffins and even cake slices. We weren’t able to take something with us out because we were thinking that this gem in the Metro is just a few walks from our home and our office and we’re definitely coming back for more. Overall, breakfast at Mom and Tina’s is such a wonderful experience. Anyone would surely have a beautiful day when they start it right here. Two thumbs up! 🙂

Mom and Tina’s Bakery Café
Address: 58, Sgt Esquerra Avenue, South Triangle, Metro Manila, Quezon City, 1103, Philippines
Phone: +93 2 332 3080
Hours: 7AM to 11PM

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