Restaurant Review: Oedo Japanese Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Quezon City is this gem of a restaurant called Oedo. Now, I haven’t been to Japan but one step upon the entrance and I surely got the Japanese vibe. You will be welcomed with their temple-like gate and this big whose canopy makes their outdoor chairs shady and cool. Hanging all over the place are those red lanterns that will surely make everyone say moshi moshi!

Oedo (13).jpg

Oedo Japanese Restaurant is very spacious. The place, as I’ve mentioned earlier, has outdoor chairs if you opt to dine al fresco. Since we arrived at around eleven in the morning, we decided to stay indoors, which also has a second floor. We’ve read that the place can get full at peak hours that you would need a reservation to be able to dine immediately. But eleven o’clock on a Friday doesn’t seem so busy so we were accommodated as soon as we arrived.


Inside, the Japanese elements aren’t lost one bit. There are a lot of Japanese paintings and symbolisms on the wall and there are even these cute Japanese dolls to complete the Japan atmosphere! The staff and crew are all very welcoming and accommodating. They also seem to be used to a lot of customers because of their fast and accurate service!


Oedo (4).jpg

After taking John’s and my orders, we were immediately served with Oedo’s house tea. We each had a cup and our orders began coming in. We didn’t really expect the orders to be served that fast and we were just so impressed!

Oedo (2).jpg

For starters, we ordered this Pork Miso Soup. At first glance, the soup seemed kind of bland but be fooled not! It was surprisingly hearty and yummy! John relates this to my favorite Sinigang sans the tamarind taste. The pork taste wasn’t too much and the vegetables in the soup tastes so fresh! Do you remember our very own Miso Soup? Well, it wasn’t anything like that. This one seems more flavorful, maybe because of the many vegetables present in it also. Now we have another dish to try to experiment on!


The serving was good for around 3 people. The soup in itself was very filling that we weren’t able to resist eating more than what we’re supposed to.


Now let’s go to my champion – the Oedo Maki! This dish is actually a compromise. I wanted to order a maki but Oedo’s bestseller has shrimp in its ingredients and I wouldn’t be able to eat it due to allergies so we ordered the second bestseller instead and it was just a winner! The maki has cream cheese inside and it just made the whole bite an incredible experience. So far, this is the best maki I’ve tasted and for this, I will recommend Oedo to every maki-lover out there!


John’s main order was this Tonkatsu. The pork was tender and the sauce and coleslaw to go with it are both superb! According to John, Oedo’s Tonkatsu reminded him of Yabu’s which is one of our all time favorites. The serving was just right. It was perfect for one hungry John!


My main order (yes, it wasn’t the maki yet) was this Seared Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce. This reminded me of our mackerel dish, but the sauce was thicker and sweeter! I felt like this is too sweet and that says something because really, being the sugar-person that I am, I never complain about sweetness. I used to just happily consume them all!


We also ordered some Vegetable Tempura, a second choice again from Ebi Tempura. To put it simply, we won’t be ordering this again the next time that we dine in Oedo. The price felt too much for the taste. I know that I might be expecting so much from vegetables but John and I agreed both agreed that it tasted kind of bland.


To put it all down, I also ordered their Green Tea Shake! It was yummy and I’ll surely order it again. The sweetness was just perfect and the whipped cream and cherry on top perfectly concludes our little Japanese food trip.


Overall, I’m satisfied with Oedo Japanese Restaurant! This will be my go-to restaurant when I’m craving for something Japanice. We went home feeling so full that we didn’t mind the long walk back home. Until dinner, I can still smell and remember the taste of the Oedo Maki that I consumed. We surely are coming back!

Have you tried it in here? How did you like it? Let us know! 🙂

105 Sto. Domingo Avenue corner Sgt. Alcaraz, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 518-0058 / 255-5993


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