Cafe Review: Papi’s Cafe

It’s finally Friday, folks! What better way to celebrate the weekends except chilling out with some coffee and indulging in something sweet. After all the hard work and patience that you had to unleash this week, you deserve it! Do s’mores and donuts sound good? I think so too! Good thing we found this little café in Malolos that takes care of these strong cravings.

Papi’s Café is located in San Vicente, Malolos City. It is inside Boufe boutique so you can do some shopping after you had a milkshake or two. I just love that idea! It sips out all my stress just by thinking about it. Truth is, I’ve seen this café in my Instagram and Facebook feed a couple of times already. I felt proud that my hometown is slowly becoming the home of many cafés and restaurants that returns the value of one’s money. Pictures from Papi’s Café are also quite impressive. It looks like the minds have decorated it perfectly. So when I finally got the chance to visit establishments around Malolos, I didn’t miss visiting Papi’s.

Here’s my taste buds’ overview:

The S’mores that my sister ordered is surely drooling. I think it only costs 55PHP – a fair price for something that is both filling and yummy! She almost wasn’t able to finish it but she just couldn’t let that yummy thing be put into waste. When I took a bite, it wasn’t as sweet as it looks but it was not bland either. The fudge was soft and chewy and the marshmallows were perfectly burnt. For a while, I kind of envied my sister’s order. If only I wasn’t so full that time, I would have ordered this again.


My order was this Matcha Milkshake with donuts. I expected the Matcha to be overpowering because in all honesty, Matcha is a strong taste that is usually acquired. But this time, it wasn’t. It was mild, creamy and sweet and everything that I would want my Matcha milkshake to be.


John, on the other hand, opted for this Vanilla Milkshake. I had a sip and I love it just as much! The vanilla taste was present, stronger than I expected, actually. In my experience, when someone says vanilla, I instantly connect it to a taste that is close to bland. But this milkshake is not one of them. It was as creamy as my Matcha.



The donuts though aren’t as tasty as my expectations. They were soft and tender but not as filling and tasty. Maybe next time, I will just opt for the milkshake without the donuts and order s’mores or brownies instead. Papi’s Café also have this wide selection of pastries in their shop.


Overall, I would say that dining in Papi’s Café is one pleasant experience. The place was so relaxing. There were only a few chairs and table available but we went there at 5PM on a Sunday and we didn’t have to wait a minute. Also, if there is a queue of customers, you wouldn’t mind browsing at a number of clothes, shoes and makeups in Boufe, right?


I felt like there was a garden inside the store. The walls are even lined with these greens and there are a number of framed paintings on the table as well. truly what all cafés must be!


Papi’s Café
Inside BOUFÉ. #10 Tanjeco St., San Vicente, Malolos


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