Restaurant Review: Oh My Gulay

It’s been a week of non-blogging and we’re finally back with food-find that will surely make everyone hungry! We spent our Thanksgiving in Baguio to just sleep, eat and be merry! The days spent in just slacking and eating around are surely enough to soothe our tired working souls. For four long days, the only problems that we’d thought about are what to eat, where to eat and how to eat, given that we were so full all the time. We managed to hold our horses and take snaps before indulging in these yummy finds so we can share some to you. Let’s get the ball rolling!

When we say vegetarian, some will immediately roll their eyes because how can someone really turn his/her back on bacon and burgers? But this restaurant in Baguio is something that John and I haven’t tried and something that we’re so intrigued about. So we hopped inside the taxi and told the driver to take us to Oh My Gulay. He was not at all familiar to the place so I told him that it is located in Upper Session Road, as what my Google Maps told me. Now fast-forward to Session Road and we’re walking, trying to find the mysterious restaurant that doesn’t seem so boastful for signs and directions. We walked for around 20 minutes and got lost along the way until we finally found this quiet, indoor gem that is completely stunning and surprising!

OMG (9).jpg

Oh My Gulay (OMG) is located at the 5th floor of La Azotea Building. For something that is located at the 5th floor, I was expecting something that is closed and probably minimalist. You know, the usual cafe with modern tables and cutesy mugs, definitely not a garden with all these luscious greens and rustic elements that will make your heart skip a beat.

OMG (3).jpg

There are even a couple of paintings that will fill your cultural heart and artsy eyes with so much joy.

OMG (2).jpg

Oh My Gulay was spacious and well-ventilated. We went there at noon on a Friday and there are many available seats and views to choose from! You just really have to find it to enjoy it.

OMG’s menu is filled with punny food names that resonate the place’s loud creative vibe. It was so fun reading all the items in the menu and of course, even more fun receiving them for eating (devouring).

OMG (1).jpg

John’s order was Anak ng Putanesca in spicy sauce. It was served ahead of mine and I got so envy of how his order looked so fresh. I took a bite and I think it was fairly good considering that there isn’t any meat in there. It was yummily healthy! I didn’t recognize the hint of spice, though. John didn’t like it very much. He said it was okay but the carnivore in him rages inside. He finished the whole thing, however and my healthy alter-ego squeals in delight.

OMG (4).jpg

I ordered Pasta Mestizo on the other hand. After arriving, the two pasta meals looked almost the same. Pasta Mestizo looked a lot like Anak ng Putanesca sans the olives and the other greens but upon tasting, you would know how different the two actually are! Pasta Mestizo has more tomatoes and is also creamier. Both of those two points are my preferences so between the two, I think I like my order better and I didn’t even took long to finish the whole plate. It was just so yummy and I definitely love it! I just wish that the mushroom taste is more prominent because I love that in a pasta too.

OMG (6).jpg

We also ordered KKK Sliders. KKK Sliders are vegan patties with fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes trapped between wheat buns. I don’t think I recognized that the patties are not made of meat so that’s a plus! It tasted like regular burgers, only that the veggies are a whole lot fresher and the whole package healthier.

OMG (7).jpg

The sliders were also served with vegetable salad. Now, although I try my very best to eat healthier, I am not the type who regularly munches leaves. But this got me thinking twice. I managed to finish the whole salad and I still felt dissatisfied. I am craving for more vegetable salad as fresh as this one!

OMG (8).jpg

To drown everything down, we each ordered a glass of this Dayap Juice. This was recommended to us by a friend who dined in OMG before and I will definitely recommend this juice to anyone who wish to visit the place. It was so fresh and refreshing, a perfect complement to the fresh food that we’ve just eaten and the mildly humid afternoon that we had.

OMG (5).jpg

Overall, we surely are coming back in here when we get the chance to visit Baguio again. I plan to bring my other carnivore friends even and watch them get converted to eating healthier. Sounds like an evil-but-I’m-only-thinking-about-the-common-good plan! Oh My Gulay is the perfect place to unwind and get both your stomachs and eyes filled with nothing but wonderful content. Take a visit and be mesmerized!

La Azotea Building, 108 Session Road, Baguio City
Opens daily 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Telephone: +63 74 446-0108
For more info and updates, like them on Facebook


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