Restaurant Review: Carmen’s

If you’re looking for a garden restaurant with a wide variety of dishes but won’t rob your wallet, we might just know of the place. Located in an easy-to-find spot in Malolos City, Carmen’s Restaurant is one of the few things that make dining in Malolos such a breeze and a truly delectable experience. We went here one Sunday afternoon, around noon because we (John, … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Carmen’s

Restaurant Review: Kalye Mabini of Malolos City

Spending twenty (plus) years in Malolos, I am quite surprised about the numerous rising restaurants around our city. Some friends would ask me if I’ve already eaten in restaurant-this or cafĂ©-that because they’ve heard so much about them and I, being a semi-lazy girl who loves staying at home would not even know about this restaurant and where it is located. One of those rising … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Kalye Mabini of Malolos City