Vanilla Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

This week was so busy and kind of stressful that I need a cupcake (or twelve!). Nothing major’s happening actually, just days which are filled with tasks while I’m stuck with separation anxiety from our Bicol vacation. I am so ready for the weekend. But since it’s too slow and probably procrastinating, I will devour these vanilla cupcakes for the meantime (not that I’m complaining!). … Continue reading Vanilla Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting


Restaurant Review: Kalye Mabini of Malolos City

Spending twenty (plus) years in Malolos, I am quite surprised about the numerous rising restaurants around our city. Some friends would ask me if I’ve already eaten in restaurant-this or café-that because they’ve heard so much about them and I, being a semi-lazy girl who loves staying at home would not even know about this restaurant and where it is located. One of those rising … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Kalye Mabini of Malolos City


Cheese Cupcakes

 How about something to sweeten up your day? As you might probably remember, we loved our No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake so much that we decided to create Mango Cheesecake as well. This time, we tried to make little versions of our favorites. We were thinking of something that is bite-sized so as to control our sweet-eating also! And we thought about bringing the cheesecakes to our workplace. Thus, … Continue reading Cheese Cupcakes


Ginisang Munggo

Whenever we have pork chicharon around, preparing Ginisang Munggo is almost always automatic. There’s something about this dish that makes eating chicharon less guilty. It maybe is the mung bean complimented with the meat flavor. Truly satisfying and nutritious also! My liking for Ginisang Munggo didn’t come easily. Back when I was a kid, my mom would prepare this every Friday and I would dread it slightly. … Continue reading Ginisang Munggo


Naga City: Bigg’s Diner and Dice Cafe

Vacation mode: off We have just made it back to Manila from our long and fun-filled vacation in Bicol. I’m still so overwhelmed and full and so unready to head back to our reality. But anyway, since Rice N Dine is a food blog, I ought to share with you are amazing food adventures! We were able to dine in some of the restaurants in … Continue reading Naga City: Bigg’s Diner and Dice Cafe



Vegetables, anyone? When I was younger, my mom would swoon over the thought of Chopsuey, the same way that I used to swoon over chocolates and fried chicken. I didn’t get it that time. What’s so special about mixed vegetables in oyster sauce anyway? It isn’t sweet, not salty. It’s vegetable-fresh and looks very green and healthy. As a kid, this wasn’t my favorite food. … Continue reading Chopsuey


Jerk Chicken

While browsing through the internet, we chanced upon the Jerk Chicken recipe of Epicurious and felt so intrigued about all the spices combining into one delicious dish Upon inspecting the ingredients, some of the ones listed aren’t available in the Philippines or a bit difficult to find so we made a couple of adjustments on the recipe. I am particularly curious about Cinnamon because I’ve always … Continue reading Jerk Chicken